why I can’t predict your future during a reading

If I could predict the future with 100 percent accuracy and I knew that doing so would be beneficial to you, I’d gladly do it. However, I’ve made a promise to myself and to God that anything that comes through during a reading is for the highest and greatest good of my clients.
So why don’t future predictions fit into this category?
First of all, and most importantly, all of us have been given the gift of free will. This means that if I see an amazing opportunity for you during a reading, I cannot predict whether or not you will take advantage of it. Also, if there are other people involved, I cannot predict or influence their free will decisions, either.
Another reason that I can’t predict the future is because it can change at any moment. Instead of predicting future events, I want to give you clear psychic guidance on how to take advantage of future opportunities that may present themselves. I’m more likely to equip you with the guidance and tools that can help you to take control of your future.
If you’re interested in this type of reading, I’d love to work with you! As a medium, I can connect with your loved ones on the other side, and I can combine these two modalities if you’d like.
I can be contacted through my website at http://www.spiritualreadingsnj.com or my yelp page.

Published by Jessica

I am a medium, reiki practitioner, and spiritual coach who happens to be blind. I enjoy connecting with friends and family, a good cup of coffee, and various other things.

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