myths and misconceptions

Throughout our society, psychics and mediums have been judged, misunderstood, and even persecuted. If you’re wondering if what others say about us is actually true or if you’re just curious, here are some myths and misconceptions that I’ve come across and my perceptions on them. Enjoy!

Myth: Psychics and mediums just make things up and only tell you what you want to here.
Reality: There are some psychics and mediums out there who have a tendency to do that, but that is how they choose to do things. Many of us hold ourselves to high standards and are encouraged to continue to develop and refine our abilities and techniques.

Myth:Psychics and mediums communicate with evil spirits.
Reality: I won’t get into a religious debate here, but I will say this. If a psychic or medium has been trained in certain techniques and maintains a high vibration, he or she will attract spirits who are also on a higher vibration.
Myth:All psychics read cards or use other tools.
Reality: I know some psychics who use cards and other tools, and they are very good at what they do. I also know some psychics who choose not to use cards and other tools, and they are just as accurate.
Myth:You’re either born psychic, or you’re not.
Reality:I believe that everyone is born with psychic abilities, and they can be developed. I believe, however, that some people are more sensitive than others.

I hope that you enjoyed this little post. Would you like to experience a reading for yourself? If so, my contact information can be found on the homepage of my website at While you’re there, why not sign up for my newsletter?

Published by jsisco2013swgrad

I am a psychic medium, and I have been blind since birth. I enjoy walking, socializing with friends, writing, listening to music, and many other things. I'm also fun-loving, compassionate, and easy to get along with most of the time.

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