Intention is Everything!

By now, many people have heard of the law of attraction. We attract circumstances that are in alignment with our vibration.
The first step in this process is deciding exactly what you want to create, or setting an intention. One of the reasons that we never seem to get what we want is that we’re not always clear about what that is. If we don’t know exactly what we want, how do we expect to get it? I believe that this is the main reason why people give up on the law of attraction so easily.
How, then, do you go about setting an intention? Each morning before even getting out of bed, I want you to decide what you want your day to be like. Do you want to feel productive? Joyful? Then, focus on that for a few minutes. During a college course, we were encouraged by the professor to practice this exercise. It may seem as if nothing is happening at first, but be persistent. The idea is to train your brain to set very specific intentions for yourself.
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Published by Jessica

I am a medium, reiki practitioner, and spiritual coach who happens to be blind. I enjoy connecting with friends and family, a good cup of coffee, and various other things.

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