“coming out” as a psychic medium:my story

Prior to “coming out” as a psychic medium, I was a wreck. I was terrified that I would be judged, but then I had to remind myself that people like me aren’t burned at the steak anymore. It just doesn’t happen around here.
Besides, it was really difficult to lead a double life, and I could no longer hide something that was a part of me. I don’t have a dramatic “coming out” story because it happened gradually.
I attended a small Catholic college, so I definitely felt that I had to be careful about that. However, there were a few people who I trusted enough to begin to make small disclosures. Of course, I still wasn’t comfortable talking about my experiences with spirits because I couldn’t deal with that. That was fine for other people, but not me.
Then, a couple of years after I graduated, I signed up for a series of group coaching calls. The coach uses psychic abilities in her practice, so I knew it was safe to tell the group that I was psychic, and I wanted to use my abilities to help others. I still wasn’t ready to admit that spirits were regularly talking to me. Then, weeks later, a medium came to our house to read for all of us. When it was my turn, she noticed that there was a conflict around career. She asked me if I really wanted to be a social worker, and I told her that I wanted to work as an intuitive because I was too chicken to use the word psychic! She encouraged me to do this work after developing my abilities even further. She said that I also had some other abilities, and I was divinely guided to take a mediumship class.
I built up the courage to tell my family, and I think that they waver between concern and excitement for me. I learned that it doesn’t matter what others think about your choices in life because it’s about being completely authentic and true to yourself.

Published by Jessica

I am a medium, reiki practitioner, and spiritual coach who happens to be blind. I enjoy connecting with friends and family, a good cup of coffee, and various other things.

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