the art of disengaging

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably spent your entire life trying to prove yourself and please others. If you’ve been engaging in these behaviors for years, you’ve probably learned that people-pleasing and seeking approval from others can be a major energy drain. They are also wasting your time.
How can you turn things around so that you have the time and energy to live the amazing, fulfilling, and divine life that you deserve?
While you can’t please everyone or receive unconditional approval from everyone in your life, you can make the decision to approve of yourself. You can decide to please yourself. Sometimes, this means saying no to the demands of others. It means that you need to disengage from their drama and negativity. However, the trick is to disengage from others’ drama and negativity without feeling guilty. If you make the decision to disengage from the demands, drama, and negativity of others without releasing any associated guilt, the cycle begins again.
It requires a courageous act of self-love and self-acceptance. Remember that you deserve to put yourself first, and you are only responsible for your own happiness. Happy disengaging, and congratulations on taking this courageous step in your life!

Published by Jessica

I am a medium, reiki practitioner, and spiritual coach who happens to be blind. I enjoy connecting with friends and family, a good cup of coffee, and various other things.

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