Compassion Isn’t Just for Everyone Else

If you’re anything like me, there are times that you have an unlimited amount of compassion for everyone else but you. If I don’t practice having compassion for myself, I tend to absorb the energy of others very quickly. As a result, I can become overwhelmed. Sound familiar? If so, you can definitely benefit from being gentle with yourself. For example, if someone seems to be directing their anger in your direction, it does not mean that you are a bad person. In fact, the other person’s anger probably had very little, if anything, to do with you.
It’s time to give yourself a break. Stop focusing on everything that you’re doing wrong, and praise yourself for all that you’ve done well. If you make a mistake, focus on the lessons that showed up for you, and then move on. Although it can be hard to believe at times, there is nothing that can diminish our worth. Each day, make the decision to show yourself some compassion. You deserve it!

Published by Jessica

I am a medium, reiki practitioner, and spiritual coach who happens to be blind. I enjoy connecting with friends and family, a good cup of coffee, and various other things.

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