Instant Manifestation: Is it Possible?

When we engage the law of attraction, we often wonder why our desires don’t manifest right away. Actually, instant manifestation is possible.
How do I know this? For one thing, my guides showed it to me in a dream. The exact details of the dream are hazy since I’m not always good at remembering my dreams, but they explained that when we manifest something, it already exists on the spiritual plane.
Basically, once we manifest something, it already exists, but we haven’t received our manifested desire in its physical form yet. There are several reasons why we may not see the results of our efforts.
One of the most common reasons that we don’t see results is that we become so excited about the idea of manifesting something that we throw ourselves into meditating,visualizing our desired outcome, and engaging in other law of attraction exercises. While these tools can be powerful and create miraculous results, it is easy to forget that these tools are even more powerful when we take action in the direction of our goals and desires. Another reason that we are not seeing the results of our efforts is that certain emotions such as fear, shame, resentment, guilt, and doubt can literally push our desires away from us.
Also, it is difficult for us to surrender our desired outcome to the divine.This is because we tend to become so attached to certain outcomes for some reason. Also, even after we surrender our goals and desires to God, the timing may not be right, especially when other people are involved. This seems to be the case especially when it comes to manifesting relationships and careers.
While it is easy to focus on what isn’t working in our lives, I can tell you from experience that it does not help with the manifesting process.
Now, let’s get out there and manifest something great!

Published by Jessica

I am a medium, reiki practitioner, and spiritual coach who happens to be blind. I enjoy connecting with friends and family, a good cup of coffee, and various other things.

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