staying present

Many of us live and work in a chaotic environment. There are bills to pay, family obligations, and plenty of other activities to take up our time Often, we find ourselves jumping from thought to thought or activity to activity because we’re so afraid that we don’t have enough time.
However, we were all given the exact same 24 hours. What would happen if we were all completely present for just one of those hours? We’d probably be much more productive, happier, and more relaxed. One of the ways that we can become more present is to implement a spiritual practice. While we truly connect with Spirit, we can’t help but be completely present. Our thoughts begin to slow down, and problems and worries seem less significant. When the weather is cooperative, I like to combine walking with meditation. Besides increased productivity and inner peace, staying present allows us to receive messages through our intuition. These messages help us to make more soulful choices in our lives.
Also, staying present can help us to avoid anxiety because we are not focusing on the future and allowing our minds to come up with “what if” scenarios. Since we are not dwelling on the past, we are able to avoid feeling sadness, guilt, and shame. We may still feel these things from time to time, but we are better equipped to handle these emotions in the present moment. I hope that you have enjoyed this article. If you’d like a reading with me, you may contact me through my email address at or my website at Also, if you would like to sign up for my newsletter, please send me an email.

What to Do when Inspiration Runs Dry

All of us experience moments where we feel extremely creative and full of inspiration. On the other hand, we can also feel uninspired, so what can we do about that?
Maybe you’re working on a big project, and for the first few weeks, your mind was full of creative ideas. You may have even felt inspired to take action on some of those ideas. Suddenly, several weeks into the project, you begin to feel as though you’ve lost your creativity, and your inspiration seems to run dry. There are steps that you can take that will help you through this frustrating period of your life.

1. Stop trying so hard to find inspiration! This may seem counterproductive. However, if you try too hard to create and find inspiration from a place of frustration, you can actually block the flow of inspiration.

2. Give it to Spirit! Actually, this step should come first. This may seem as though you’re taking the easy way out, but what you’re actually doing is allowing inspiration and creative ideas come through Spirit instead of through your ego. You are also allowing Spirit to release any blocks to receiving inspiration

3. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. While some people receive inspiration on a regular basis, and others seem to receive bursts of inspiration here and there. Neither one is wrong.

4. 4. Be open to receiving because inspiration is all around you.

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caregiver grief

When you are caring for someone who is near death, it can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. That is why it is important for you to care for yourself. If self-care is not a priority, you may feel unable to care for your loved one or provide emotional support to friends and family members.
After all, you are also experiencing grief on top of the responsibility of being a caregiver. Try to remember that you are entitled to your feelings.
You are not expected to do this alone, so it is important to ask for support.
After the death of your loved one, it is common to feel guilty and experience self-doubt. However, you most likely did everything that you could for your loved one.
While it was important for you to care for your loved ones’ physical needs when they were still alive, it was more important for you to be present for them. That is why I say that you did everything that you could. Lastly, take care of your own body, and get some rest. After all, you’ve just gone through a major trauma, and your body and mind need to begin the healing process.
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Mindset, mindset, mindset!

Okay, so you’ve completed all of the practical steps you need in order to manifest a goal. You’ve completed a vision board, said your affirmations, visualized, uncovered limiting beliefs, implemented spiritual practices, and taken action steps. If you’ve consistently applied these steps, you’re well on your way to manifesting what you desire and truly deserve!
Maybe you’re wondering why very little seems to be happening?
Well, let me ask you something. When you were doing your mindset work, were you really and truly consistent, and were you completely and shamelessly honest with yourself?
I have discovered that uncovering layers and layers of limited beliefs is an ongoing process. If, for example, you are trying to land a job with a larger salary and there are limited beliefs that relate to money, you may need to explore these beliefs before you manifest that higher-paying job. Limiting beliefs can thwart all of your manifestation efforts.
So how can you uncover these limiting beliefs and get back on the road to manifesting your dreams? There are several ways to do this, but remember that your effort needs to be consistent. Using a journal can help you to get to the root of destructive patterns and beliefs so that you can release them for good. Also, working with the right coach, mentor, or therapist can be helpful because they can be more objective about your situation, and they can offer tools to help you release these beliefs and create a workable action plan.
I hope you found this helpful, and keep going after your dreams!

What was that incessant knocking?

Many people who have lost loved ones wonder if they are still around and whether they can hear your thoughts without the assistance of a medium. After listening to countless experiences of spirits communicating with their loved ones and after experiencing it for myself, my answer is definitely yes!
They can send us signs of their presence through smells, loose change in odd places, knocking, the list is endless! Since spirits hear and respond to our thoughts, talk to your loved ones and thank them for their continued presence in your life.
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There’s always enough.

In our society, we can find plenty of reasons to fear never having enough. If you follow the media, you hear that there never seems to be enough money, food, employment, and the list continues.
What would you do if there was always enough? Believe it or not, there is enough of everything to go around. There’s always enough love, there’s always enough success, and you don’t have to be extremely wealthy to get it.
We were meant to live in an abundant universe; not in a universe full of lack. In an ever-changing world, how can we tap into that abundance for ourselves?
First, we need to stop thinking in terms of lack. Instead, look around at all of the blessings that you’ve been given. That will create a shift in your energy, and if done consistently, this mindset change will become a habit. Another nice side effect of focusing on your blessings is that you may begin to realize that you are always given exactly what you need when it is needed. Please check out my brand new podcast for more tips and tricks. You can find it at
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experiencing loss on the holidays

For many people, the holidays are an exciting time of family, friends, food, and gifts. However, there are also people who are dealing with the pain of losing a loved one. Here are some tips for making those losses a little more barable during this holiday season.
The most important thing that you can do during this time is to have compassion for yourself. Remember that you have just experienced a painful loss. You are not expected to “get over it” or “snap out of it already!” Everyone processes grief in his or her own way, so give yourself the gift of that time.
Whether or not you believe in life after death, memories of your loved ones don’t die with them. Remember the good times you’ve had with them.
Do something to memorialize them such as lighting a candle or keeping a favorite picture.
Talk to someone, and don’t hold those painful feelings inside of you. A well-trained grief counselor, pastor, medium, or support group can help you to put these emotions into perspective.
Also, spending time with a friend or family member could be exactly what you need.
Honor your feelings. Know that sometimes you will feel sad, happy, and angry at the same time.
Lastly, spend as much time as you can with those who are still living on the physical plane. They will appreciate it, and you will know that you spent as much time with them as you could before it is their time to go home to the spirit world.
Let me know if any of these tips were helpful. I’d love to hear from you!
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why mediums sometimes get it wrong

Happy Friday! This week, I’m going to explain why mediums sometimes get it wrong.
First and foremost, we’re human. If we never made mistakes and had nothing more to learn, we would most likely be hanging out in the spirit world eating bonbons. Another reason that we get it wrong has to do with misinterpreting messages from the spirit world. Basically, any time that we slip into our analytical left brain, we risk misunderstanding messages from someone’s deceased loved ones.

Also, sometimes we just have “off” days like everyone else. It could be that we’re tired, not feeling too confident, or maybe there’s something else that is affecting the energy in the room.
Yes, I realize that psychics and mediums are held to high standards, but I also realize that I’m only human.
If you’d still like to work with me after reading my shocking confession that I’m not perfect, I’d be honored! I can be contacted through my yelp page or I’ll see you there!

why I can’t predict your future during a reading

If I could predict the future with 100 percent accuracy and I knew that doing so would be beneficial to you, I’d gladly do it. However, I’ve made a promise to myself and to God that anything that comes through during a reading is for the highest and greatest good of my clients.
So why don’t future predictions fit into this category?
First of all, and most importantly, all of us have been given the gift of free will. This means that if I see an amazing opportunity for you during a reading, I cannot predict whether or not you will take advantage of it. Also, if there are other people involved, I cannot predict or influence their free will decisions, either.
Another reason that I can’t predict the future is because it can change at any moment. Instead of predicting future events, I want to give you clear psychic guidance on how to take advantage of future opportunities that may present themselves. I’m more likely to equip you with the guidance and tools that can help you to take control of your future.
If you’re interested in this type of reading, I’d love to work with you! As a medium, I can connect with your loved ones on the other side, and I can combine these two modalities if you’d like.
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why holiday stress never pays

I know that it’s tempting to attempt the perfect Thanksgiving, buy those perfect holiday gifts, and find that perfect Christmas tree.
Fellow perfectionists, it’s time for some tough love. You may not find that perfect Christmas tree, the perfect Christmas gift doesn’t exist, and trying to create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner isn’t worth stressing over. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I was taught an important lesson about this on Thanksgiving.
It started when we learned that our family was going to have Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year.
Well, that was fine except that our Thanksgiving dinner ingredients were still in the store, the house wasn’t completely spotless, and no one rsvp’d, so we had no idea of how much to cook. Yikes!
Now, anyone who knows me knows that I hate being rushed, but at the same time, I’ll try to put my own discomfort aside if it makes someone else’s life easier. Anyway, I was trying to be a good little perfectionist and join my mother in rushing around to get everything done.
After a while, I couldn’t take the stress of trying to meet everyone’s expectations, so I left to get a cup of coffee.
Now, fastforward to Thanksgiving, and no one shows up at our house, and we made enough food to feed everyone on our block for a week. Another yikes!
However, we enjoyed a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home. You see, I almost missed the blessing of enjoying our abundant feast with my immediate family because I was wrapped up in other people’s stress and drama. Did it really matter that it wasn’t perfect? No, because I got to enjoy the holiday with the people I love plus an abundance of food, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
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reflections on life

Why are we here, and why do we have to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles?
I still don’t have all the answers, and I may not have them until I cross over into the spirit world. However, here are my reflections on this subject. Many people believe that everything happens for a reason, and I agree. I would add to that and say that we can find purpose and meaning in those events.
For example, although I was born blind, I was born during a time when there would be plenty of resources and advances in technology. While some might view my so-called disability as a tragedy, I see it as a blessing in many ways.
While each life circumstance is part of a greater purpose, all of us on this Earth are here for a collective purpose. I believe that we are here to learn and teach unconditional love.
We can do that through our individual purposes. How do we know what our individual purpose is supposed to be? Our gifts, strengths, and interests can help us to become aware of this information. You can also check in with your intuition and/or your guides. Psychics can also help you gain insight into this particular topic.
If you would like to gain insight into this or any other area of your life, I’d love to work with you! I am also available for mediumistic readings, and I can be contacted through my website at

spiritual protection

Whether you believe in negative spirits or negative energy, we can still agree that negativity does exist. Rather than explaining different theories on the subject, I will give you some simple techniques to protect you from negativity and its effects. These techniques are useful whether you are sensitive to energy or not.
One of the simplest techniques that I’ve found is to ask God/higher power and the angels to cover and wrap me in white light. After doing this, I add another layer of protection by visualizing a large box around me. Feel free to adapt this technique as you see fit. I set the intention that only positive energy is allowed to enter.
Many people also use sage to cleanse their spaces from negativity. Salt also works very well, and you can even take a saltwater bath. You can also use meditation, prayer, crystals, or reiki. There are also practitioners who specialize in clearing negativity from you or your property. However, it is best if you can learn to do this yourself.

psychics and mediums:what’s the difference?

sHello, again. Today, I’m going to attempt to explain the difference between a reading with a psychic and a reading with a medium.

During a psychic reading, the practitioner will tune into your energy field and give you some insight and guidance in any area of your life. They cannot, however, predict your future with any certainty because we all have free will. Therefore, we can influence our own futures through our choices and actions. Psychics can also provide insight into potential obstacles that you might face, but you must make the decision to overcome them.

Many psychics also specialize in specific areas such as career readings, relationship advice, and even past lives.

On the other hand, a medium can connect with the spirit world in order to bring messages of love, healing, and comfort. Mostly, they bring evidence of survival and messages from your deceased loved ones. Sometimes, our deceased loved ones can also provide guidance in any area of your life. Like psychics, mediums also have their specialties. They may deliver messages through their psychic senses while fully conscious, which is known as mental mediumship. They may also produce physical phenomena or allow spirits to speak through them while in a trance.

There are also psychics and mediums who specialize in many of these areas, so it is important for you to know what you are looking for prior to booking a reading with anyone. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.

I offer both psychic and medium readings, and I can be found at

Whether you choose to work with me, another practitioner, or avoid us altogether, I hoped that this post helped in some way.

your spirit guides

Most of us have people who act as teachers, friends, counselors, or mentors in our lives. Whether you can identify such people in your own life or not, rest assured that you have such help available to you in the spirit world. These helpful beings are called spirit guides, and I believe that everyone has at least one.

Our spirit guides made an agreement to work with us before we were even born. Since they have incarnated into human bodies before, they know that life outside of the spirit world is a challenging one. However, while it is their sincere intention to help us, they will allow us to make our own decisions and mistakes. I believe that they want us to learn our own lessons so that we can experience the peace and joy that are freely available to all of us.

Our guides can help us with everything from developing our psychic abilities to dealing with challenging relationships. Our guides can also help us when we are feeling down. Most of all, they are there to counsel, comfort, and teach us from their higher perspective.

You do not have to be a medium to connect with your guides. They can communicate with us through our intuition, dreams, meditation, synchronicities, and songs on the radio. Spirits never cease to amaze me! They never seem to run out of creative ways to communicate with us. Spirits can hear our thoughts, so you can easily begin to communicate with your guides. Start by taking long, slow, deep breaths while quieting your mind. Then, simply ask them a question. Speak to them as formally or informally as you wish. Please remember that these are your friends and mentors, and treat them with respect. Even if you don’t receive an answer to your question right away, thank them for their assistance. Then, pay attention to any dreams, intuitive feelings, or symbols that repeat themselves. You may wish to write down your experiences.

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intuitive development tips

You are walking or driving home when you have an unexplainable urge to take another route. When you arrive at your destination, you find out that if you had not listened to your internal guidance, you would have been involved in an accident. Perhaps you’ve gone one a job interview, and you didn’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling from the potential employer. These are examples of our intuition at work.

So how can you tap into this guidance on a consistent basis? There are several ways to do this. The good news is that we’re all intuitive. The bad news, not so bad unless you have a tendency towards procrastination like me, is that it takes practice and patience to learn to tap into this guidance on a daily basis.

First, we need to quiet our busy minds so that we can receive the subtle messages from our intuition. We can do this through meditation, exercise, or anything that places you in a relaxed state of mind.

Another great way to tap into your intuition is through your dreams. While some dreams contain random images from our subconscious minds, our intuition can speak through dreams. Many people fear that they cannot remember their dreams, but a dream that contains intuitive guidance will stay with you until you’ve received and acted upon the guidance.

A fun way to tap into your intuition is through the use of a tool such as a pendulum or a deck of oracle cards. After working with these tools for a while, you may find that intuitive guidance just comes to you, and that’s exciting!

We can also receive intuitive information through our bodies. For example, your stomach may clench whenever you are with a certain person or in a specific place. This is a great way to weigh the pros and cons of a decision. Let’s say you are trying to decide between two jobs. Take a deep breath, quiet your mind, and ask yourself how the first option feels in your body. Tune into the question until you feel a sensation in your body. Then, do the same thing with the second option.

Although intuitive development exercises are helpful, they cannot replace trusting your intuition. Think about the last time that you trusted your intuition and you benefitted from it. Hold onto that feeling, and it will become easier with practice.

Lastly, have compassion for yourself. I’m a psychic medium, and sometimes I still question what I receive sometimes!

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raising your vibration

If you’ve been reading self-help and spiritual content lately, then you’ve probably heard about your personal vibration. I could go into a scientific explanation, but I’ll keep it simple. All matter, including our bodies, vibrate at a certain frequency. If our vibration is high, we are closer to states of love, gratitude, and anything that brings us closer to divinity. Okay, so how do you get there?

There are several ways that can be used to raise your vibration. Listening to inspirational music can always lift my vibration. Pets are good for that, too! Another way is to listen to an uplifting podcast or read an inspirational book. I’ve also found that creative modes of self-expression always raise my vibration. When I am writing, especially when I write about spiritual topics, I feel calm, peaceful, and completely relaxed.

Things that can put us into a lower vibration are emotions such as anger, sadness, and shame. I am not suggesting that we ignore these feelings. If they come up for you, as they do for all of us, honor them, try one of the suggestions above or create your own, and then notice a slight shift in your mood and energy. Also, if nothing else seems to raise your vibration, remember that laughter is always the best medicine!

Note: If you are experiencing negative emotions for long periods of time, it may be helpful to speak with a professional so that these feelings can be processed in a healthy manner.

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After several years of allowing others to take advantage of my kindness, I learned to develop boundaries for myself. When you develop clear boundaries, you are affirming to yourself and others that you have respect for yourself. Having clear boundaries in your life can insure that you have the time and energy to devote to things that are important to you, rather than allowing others to monopolize your time and drain your energy.

Setting clear boundaries can be as simple as designating a few minutes each day for meditation, walking, or just being by yourself. My friends and acquaintances know that I will not, under any circumstance, answer my phone after 10 PM because that is my quiet time before preparing for bed. Sometimes, you may need to say no to someone’s demands on your time. This can be done in a way that is loving and firm. While some people may not respond favorably to your attempts at setting clear boundaries with them, in time, they may gain even more respect for you. You are also modeling assertiveness and clear boundaries for them.

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in honor of Memorial Day

No matter what we believe about war or our country’s current political climate, this is the time to honor those who have served in the military.

For many people, this is a time to remember those brave men and women who have been killed while serving their countries. While the parades and barbecues may be exciting, let’s take time out to honor our veterans. I can’t even imagine having to fear for my life while bravely protecting countless others who will survive. I can’t imagine sacrificing years of my life away from my family. So, veterans, I thank you, and may God bless you.

positive thinking:Is it worth it?

If you were to turn on a news broadcast, you would probably find many reasons to think negative thoughts. However, if you were to change your perception just a little bit, you might just find reasons to be positive.

Also, if you walked into almost any establishment and eavesdropped for just a minute, you’d most likely hear a series of complaints. Since the world seems to be so full of negativity, it needs our positive energy. There are several benefits to adopting a more positive outlook.

When we are focused on the positive, we have more energy to create the things we want instead of more of the same. We also feel happier, are more pleasant to be around, and actually improve your health. Positive thinking also focuses our attention in the present because we are not fearing the future or despairing over the past. I know it may seem difficult at times, but try replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. It may take a little time, but you’ll begin to notice a shift, and others will be sure to notice, too!