accepting what is

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend an arts inclusion event with people who are blind and visually impaired as well as sighted volunteers. In honor of Earth day, we were given clay and asked to sculpt something that reminds us of our planet. I decided to attempt a cat sculpture. I started with the head and formed a little cat face. I shaped its little ears, little nose and a mouth that was open as if the cat was about to meow.
Then, I created the cat’s body, its legs, and finally the tail. After I had finished, the cat felt slightly deformed. When I tried to fix it, the ears fell off, the mouth completely disappeared, the tail fell off, and the legs collapsed into themselves. What would’ve happened if I didn’t try to fix it? I realize that it is easy to have some resistence to the concept of being present, and it’s not always easy to do. However, it’s a much more enjoyable way to live life.
Instead of trying to make everything perfect and forcing life to comply with our expectations, maybe we need to start by accepting ourselves and circumstances exactly as they are right now. Then, we can decide whether changes need to be made at all.


self-acceptance:a challenge and a gift

Recently, I attended a funeral for one of my aunts. After the funeral, all of us gathered at a local restaurant. I found myself sitting next to the pastor. Everything seemed to be going well until he asked me about my job.
For a moment, I was terrified. How could I explain that I am a psychic medium to the pastor of a somewhat conservative church? Somehow, my tongue came untied. I explained that although I started out in the social work field, I found that there are other ways to help people. I feel much more comfortable with telling people what I do than when I first began. I have learned to accept myself for who I am, and I’ve learned to accept myself exactly as I am at this point in my life. Do I always get it right? Hell no! Am I still harder on myself than I need to be at times? You bet!
However, I am learning to accept myself exactly as I am in this moment.