why you may want to stop asking this question

If you are familiar with the law of attraction, then you already know that affirmations, if used correctly and with other spiritual tools, can help you to manifest your desires. However, did you know that questions can be used as affirmations if traditional affirmations aren’t having the desired affect?
Neither did I! In fact, when I was first introduced to this concept, I nearly laughed. However, this practice transformed my approach to affirmations. Let me give you an example of how this works.
Have you ever said, either out loud or in your head, something like: “What’s wrong with me/this situation in my life?”
Maybe you’ve even noticed that everything that you thought was wrong with you or a specific situation in your life has been reflected back to you. After experiencing this, you may be inclined to think, “Wow. Something must really be wrong with me/this situation.”
That is an example of a negative affirmation, and I’ve definitely been there! After several years of doing that, I finally had enough!I began to ask what was going well in my life.
My experience and outlook began to change. The changes in my life were not immediate. In fact, my perspective shifted gradually, and it definitely took some effort.
Affirmations are definitely not a quick fix or bandaid to cover deep emotional wounds. Now, if I feel like something is going wrong in my life, I take several deep breaths and ask: What is going right? I do this several times until I begin to raise my vibration, and from this state, I can either let the situation go if it is out of my control or take action on the things that I can. Then, everything that is going right in my life is not only reflected back to me, but it is magnified! Isn’t that much more fun than dwelling on all of the perceived wrongness in your life? I dare you to try it!


transforming limiting beliefs part 1

In the last post, I talked about our beliefs and how they can help or harm us.

Now, I’d like to give you some suggestions on how to transform those limiting beliefs into more productive ones. There are many ways to do this, and I couldn’t possibly cover all of them in this post. However, I will discuss three of these techniques. My suggestion is to take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

First, I’d like to discuss affirmations. These are positive statements that can be repeated silently or out loud which can create lasting change. However, I have found that it’s not as easy as repeating a few phrases. Sure, these positive self-statements definitely make us feel good about ourselves and cause us to shift into a more positive mindset, but if we don’t believe them, we can actually block their ability to affect change. For example, there were periods of my life when I suffered from nearly paralyzing depression.

Around this time, I began to read about such things as the law of attraction and affirmations. Every morning, I would say: I am happy. However, after several weeks, I didn’t notice any change. Why? Well, first of all, I said it without enthusiasm, so there was no intention behind it, and I did not believe that I could be happy again. Secondly, I viewed happiness as something external to myself, and I did not take any steps to achieve happiness.

So you see, affirmations alone do cause a positive shift in our energy, and if used over time, may create lasting change for some people. However, if the affirmation is repeated with the belief that things will never change for you, affirmations alone may not be the way to go. However and there is no judgment here, if you don’t take small steps to change your situation, you may limit or even thwart their effects.

In my next post, I will discuss emotional freedom techniques, which can also help to eliminate limiting beliefs.

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