needs, wants, and mediumship

When clients visit a medium, they’re likely to come with a certain set of expectations. Often times, clients expect to receive a message from a specific person.
However, mediums cannot guarantee that a specific spirit will communicate during the reading. There may be several reasons why this can happen.
I believe that clients are likely to receive messages from loved ones who need to come through. This means that clients may be more likely to hear from those people first. I believe that the spirit world knows what each of us needs on the soul level. In other words, clients will get what they need before getting what they want from a reading.
However, the spirit world has a way of delivering the perfect message at the perfect time. I understand that this can be extremely frustrating. After my father passed away, I wanted to hear from him. At the time, I attended a local spiritualist church, and I would silently ask my father to bring a message through one of the mediums.
For years, I heard nothing from my father. When I had worked through the worst of my grief, he came through.
Now, I understand that I needed to do some serious inner work before I was ready to hear from my father. I believe that everything happens in its own time. If you’re in a similar situation to what I just described, it does not mean that your deceased family member has stopped loving you. In fact, your departed loved ones love you enough to give you exactly what you need at the right time, and never before then.


Where did God take my pet?

After losing several pets over the years, I’ve often wondered what happens to them after they die. While I am not an expert on this subject, I will try to shed some light on the subject.
I believe that our pets leave their physical bodies and transition into the spirit world just as humans do. Unlike some people, however, their transitions are smoother because they do not have the same judgments, addictions, and other issues that may plague some people. Also, like our deceased loved ones who are human, our pets can visit us through dreams. Several years ago, our family had a cat named Scooby. Whenever I was feeling sad, Scooby would tickle me with his tail, purr in my ear, or just sit on my lap. After he passed, Scooby would come visit me in my dreams whenever I became upset. I’ve also received dream visitations from our tabby cat and our dog. They can also communicate with us through various signs. I believe that they can also conspire to bring other pets into our lives. For example, after our first kitty had passed, I didn’t think I could stand having my heart broken by another pet. However, I believe that our kitty made sure that we are never without a cat. Although I’m convinced, I have no way to prove it. He’ll never tell!