Is it time to stop taking life so seriously?

While some people may choose to view blindness as a tragedy and pity me, I choose to make light of it when the opportunity presents itself. For example, there were a few times that I was talking to someone, and that person left the room without telling me. I kept talking until I realized that […]

how to turn frustration into something useful

Have you ever been in a situation which caused you to become frustrated? I’ve been there, too, and it is not fun at all! There’s good news, though. Our frustration can be turned into something useful. In order to explain this concept, I will give you an example from my own life.When I started my […]

overcoming perceived limitations

Many of our so-called limitations come from our own perceptions of ourselves. If I listened to everyone who told me that something wasn’t possible for me, I wouldn’t be doing much of anything! Although I was born blind, my first memorable spiritual experience was a vision. I believe that the spirits began to teach me […]