Decisions, decisions!

When making an important decision, how do we know which choice is the “right” one? After all, what if that one decision will affect you for the rest of your life? Here are a few things to consider.
First of all, we live in a society which tends to judge things in black and white terms such as right and wrong. While this may be useful in some situations, it can cause us to become confused and indecisive. Each moment of every day, we are making choices. While some choices can lead to unwanted consequences and lead us down another path. Was it really the wrong decision, or did it give you the opportunity to choose something different the next time around?
Here is another thing to consider. When making decisions, do you make them from a place of fear and doubt? If the answer to that question is yes, you have an opportunity to explore your fears and doubts. Then, when you have started to work through the fear, you can make a more empowering decision.


why self-love is a gift from God

What does it really mean to have a healthy sense of self-love? It requires us to give ourselves a break when we make mistakes. After, mistakes are simply opportunities for learning and growth.
When we love and value ourselves, we are more likely to follow our hearts instead of our endless lists of fears, excuses, and self-doubt. When we learn to love ourselves more, we stop taking action from a place of obligation.
Lastly, when we become more loving and compassionate toward ourselves, it becomes easier to see the divinity in everything. We become happier and more peaceful. How can you love and value yourself even more today than you did yesterday?

saying “yes” when it doesn’t make sense

Have you ever said “yes” to your inner guidance even when it didn’t make sense? How did it feel?
When we say “yes” to our intuitive guidance even when that guidance doesn’t make sense to our logical minds, it can bring up a lot of fears and insecurities. We can experience the fear of judgment by others or the fear of letting go of what is familiar to us.
However, saying “yes” to this type of guidance can be extremely rewarding. If we don’t take the risk of following our own inner guidance, we may miss valuable, exciting, and even life-changing opportunities.
For example, when I was ready to pursue my undergraduate degree, I got accepted into two different schools. One of those schools was closer and more affordable, and it would’ve been the logical choice. However, something didn’t feel right.
When I went to visit the second school, it just felt right. Although I work as a psychic medium, I’m glad that I pursued my undergraduate degree in social work.
I was given many opportunities and met many people who had an impact on my life because I followed my inner guidance, even though it didn’t make sense. In fact, that was even before I knew how to tap into my intuition on a daily basis. How does this play out in your own life?

Have you been visited by the I’m not ready monster?

Whenever I’m about to go for something that I want, there is always a surge of excitement. However, the second that I’m about to take a big leap of faith in the direction of my desires, that little fear monster in my head tries to convince me that I’m not ready.
This can happen for one of two main reasons. Firstly, your intuition may be trying to tell you something. You may need more information before going forward, or the timing may not be right.
The second reason for your visit from the I’m not ready monster is fear. If this is the case, examine this fear more closely. Is it really justified? If not, go ahead with your leap of faith. Remember that you won’t have to do it alone.
You always have support from the spirit world, and you could always talk to a trustworthy friend, hire a coach, or find a mentor.

insight for today

During meditation, I received some guidance that I wanted to share, and I hope it is beneficial to you in some way. Focus on joy and success rather than fear and stress.
Yes, I can already hear some people telling me that this is easier said than done. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Ask yourself these two questions:
How can I bring more joy into my life? How would my life change if I focused on joy and success for just five minutes each day?
If you don’t feel able to do this right now, that’s okay. Alternatively, you may want to start by asking yourself what is keeping you from allowing more joy and greater success into your life. Remember that you always have a choice when it comes to how you want to experience life. You owe it to yourself to choose a life of joy and success. Yes, it is truthat you may have days when nothing seems to go your way, but you can still choose your reaction to those experiences.

a word about discernment

Self-doubt is something that plagues many of us from time to time. However, the voice of self-doubt, perfectionism, and criticism has nothing to do with who we are on the soul level.
However, the voice of our intuition is never critical, and it will bring us closer to the divine. While the voice of self-doubt is often loud and obnoxious, the voice of our intuition is persistent, quiet, and gentle. If we listen to the voice of self-doubt, we may find that we are taken on one detour after another in our lives and we allow fear and insecurity to guide our decisions. However, if we take the time to quiet our mind chatter and allow our intuition to speak, the path becomes smoother. That is why it is important to discern between the voice of our intuition and the voice of self-doubt.
For example, I’ve struggled with perfectionism for years. I’ve decided that my inner perfectionist sounds like a valley girl and has perfect hair, skin, and teeth. If I happen to be giving a reading and a spirit with similar characteristics comes through, things might get a little more complicated. If that shappens, I may have to come up with another system.

“coming out” as a psychic medium:my story

Prior to “coming out” as a psychic medium, I was a wreck. I was terrified that I would be judged, but then I had to remind myself that people like me aren’t burned at the steak anymore. It just doesn’t happen around here.
Besides, it was really difficult to lead a double life, and I could no longer hide something that was a part of me. I don’t have a dramatic “coming out” story because it happened gradually.
I attended a small Catholic college, so I definitely felt that I had to be careful about that. However, there were a few people who I trusted enough to begin to make small disclosures. Of course, I still wasn’t comfortable talking about my experiences with spirits because I couldn’t deal with that. That was fine for other people, but not me.
Then, a couple of years after I graduated, I signed up for a series of group coaching calls. The coach uses psychic abilities in her practice, so I knew it was safe to tell the group that I was psychic, and I wanted to use my abilities to help others. I still wasn’t ready to admit that spirits were regularly talking to me. Then, weeks later, a medium came to our house to read for all of us. When it was my turn, she noticed that there was a conflict around career. She asked me if I really wanted to be a social worker, and I told her that I wanted to work as an intuitive because I was too chicken to use the word psychic! She encouraged me to do this work after developing my abilities even further. She said that I also had some other abilities, and I was divinely guided to take a mediumship class.
I built up the courage to tell my family, and I think that they waver between concern and excitement for me. I learned that it doesn’t matter what others think about your choices in life because it’s about being completely authentic and true to yourself.