Too many obstacles?

Yesterday, I was taking a walk when I noticed something. On two separate occasions, my path was almost completely blocked by obstacles.

There was a sidewalk that was completely blocked by several cars. On that occasion, someone helped me to navigate around them so I could continue along my usual route. On the second occasion, several bikes were blocking the entrance to where I was trying to go.

This time, someone moved them out of the way so that I could pass.

I began to think about how the external environment can be a reflection of our inner dialog and our perceptions of what is going on in our lives.

When faced with perceived obstacles in life, we have at least three choices. We can choose to ask the divine or another person to assist us to navigate around it. We can also work with Spirit to remove obstacles from our path. Sometimes, we may choose to abandon the obstacle-ridden path altogether. Either way, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


Feeling overwhelmed? Try this instead.

At an early age, we’re often conditioned to remain in a constant state of overwhelm. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, we want to know the outcome of the entire project. How much more progress would we make if we focused on what was right in front of us?

In school, I’ve been asked where I see myself in five years. What if we were taught to take one small step toward our goals and then trust that the rest would unfold as it is meant to? Imagine what would happen if you took action from a place of stillness rather than fear and overwhelm.

the power of forgiveness

Have you ever noticed that when someone causes us pain, we hold onto the memory of that situation for dear life? What do you think would happen if we just forgave and moved on?
The reason that forgiveness is so difficult is that we have this misconception that forgiveness means excusing the other person’s behavior. However, forgiveness only requires that we are willing to leave past hurts in the past so that we can move forward. The other person may not change his or her behavior, but at least that grudge is no longer weighing you down.
Forgiveness can help us to heal. Imagine having a sack full of bricks on your back. Your back would be extremely sore after a while, wouldn’t it? If you were to rid yourself of that sack of bricks, you’d probably breathe a huge sigh of relief!
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caregiver grief

When you are caring for someone who is near death, it can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. That is why it is important for you to care for yourself. If self-care is not a priority, you may feel unable to care for your loved one or provide emotional support to friends and family members.
After all, you are also experiencing grief on top of the responsibility of being a caregiver. Try to remember that you are entitled to your feelings.
You are not expected to do this alone, so it is important to ask for support.
After the death of your loved one, it is common to feel guilty and experience self-doubt. However, you most likely did everything that you could for your loved one.
While it was important for you to care for your loved ones’ physical needs when they were still alive, it was more important for you to be present for them. That is why I say that you did everything that you could. Lastly, take care of your own body, and get some rest. After all, you’ve just gone through a major trauma, and your body and mind need to begin the healing process.
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raising your vibration

If you’ve been reading self-help and spiritual content lately, then you’ve probably heard about your personal vibration. I could go into a scientific explanation, but I’ll keep it simple. All matter, including our bodies, vibrate at a certain frequency. If our vibration is high, we are closer to states of love, gratitude, and anything that brings us closer to divinity. Okay, so how do you get there?

There are several ways that can be used to raise your vibration. Listening to inspirational music can always lift my vibration. Pets are good for that, too! Another way is to listen to an uplifting podcast or read an inspirational book. I’ve also found that creative modes of self-expression always raise my vibration. When I am writing, especially when I write about spiritual topics, I feel calm, peaceful, and completely relaxed.

Things that can put us into a lower vibration are emotions such as anger, sadness, and shame. I am not suggesting that we ignore these feelings. If they come up for you, as they do for all of us, honor them, try one of the suggestions above or create your own, and then notice a slight shift in your mood and energy. Also, if nothing else seems to raise your vibration, remember that laughter is always the best medicine!

Note: If you are experiencing negative emotions for long periods of time, it may be helpful to speak with a professional so that these feelings can be processed in a healthy manner.

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positive thinking:Is it worth it?

If you were to turn on a news broadcast, you would probably find many reasons to think negative thoughts. However, if you were to change your perception just a little bit, you might just find reasons to be positive.

Also, if you walked into almost any establishment and eavesdropped for just a minute, you’d most likely hear a series of complaints. Since the world seems to be so full of negativity, it needs our positive energy. There are several benefits to adopting a more positive outlook.

When we are focused on the positive, we have more energy to create the things we want instead of more of the same. We also feel happier, are more pleasant to be around, and actually improve your health. Positive thinking also focuses our attention in the present because we are not fearing the future or despairing over the past. I know it may seem difficult at times, but try replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. It may take a little time, but you’ll begin to notice a shift, and others will be sure to notice, too!

transforming limiting beliefs part 2:tapping

Many of you may have heard of a technique called emotional freedom techniques, or EFT for short. It involves repeating certain phrases while tapping on certain energy points of the body. Some people may be skeptical about this technique because it sounds easy, and they’re right. It is easy.

I was skeptical about it, too. I decided to try it for myself because I read that it can be used to transform limiting beliefs. There are many resources on the subject, so I’ll just give you an example of how it can be used, and you can adapt it to fit your own needs.

First, I took a deep breath, and rated my distress around this belief on a scale from 1 to 10. Even though I have this belief that I’m not good enough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I said this setup statement three times. Also, notice that I used the positive. I could have said: Even though I’m not good enough, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. However, I would actually be reinforcing the belief that I’m not good enough.

Then, using the pads of the fingertips on one of my hands, I tapped the points on the top of my head, side of the eye, under the nose, just below the bottom lip called the chin point, my collarbone, and under my arm. While doing this, I said what is called a reminder phrase. Notice any thoughts that come up as you do this, and stop to tap on those as needed. Do this until your distress level is as close to zero as possible. There are several other techniques under the umbrella of EFT, but these are the basics.