Are you listening?

Have you ever prayed for something and/or set an intention, but you never seem to receive an answer? It can be extremely frustrating and disappointing, especially when we are going through a difficult time.
However, I encourage you to consider another perspective. When we send out our prayers and intentions into the universe, are we open to receiving the subtle signs that our prayers are being answered even before we speak them? Perhaps we’re engaging in our constant mind chatter. There have been times when the constant mind chatter has kept me up at night, and it has even kept me from hearing my intuition.
Another reason that we may not believe that our prayers are being answered may be that we are expecting the answer to come to us in a certain way.For example, we may expect our answer to come to us in a dream. However, it may come to us through a song on the radio, a vision, or a gut feeling. If we are deadest on receiving the answer in a dream, we may miss the message altogether and assume that Spirit didn’t hear our prayers and intentions. As a result, we continue to repeat the cycle of asking, expecting a specific answer to come in a neat little package, and miss the message altogether.
Also, there are times when the answer is that we need to wait for something better, or maybe it just isn’t the right time. When I become frustrated by so-called unanswered prayers, Spirit assures me that they’re always listening.


10 benefits to implementing a Spiritual Practice

When you think of implementing a spiritual practice, what comes to mind? Going to church or another sacred place? Meditation? No matter which practice you choose, implementing a spiritual practice has several benefits.

1. You get to connect with the divine and learn about why you came to this planet.
2. 2. Develop your intuition, and allow it to assist you with everyday decisions.
3. 3. Sleep better! There’s something about connecting with God that just brings me a sense of inner peace and deep relaxation.
4. 4. Bring healing into your life! There are several studies that demonstrate the healing power of prayer and other spiritual practices.
5. 5. You’ll know that you’re never really alone.
6. 6. Your higher power/higher self/spirit guides/other beings will never dessert you, and they will never judge you.
7. 7. It’s free! There are plenty of free resources around the internet that can help you to begin your spiritual practice. As you deepen your practice, then you can decide whether to spend money on courses or find a mentor.
8. 8. You can start it right away! You don’t need any special skills or abilities. Just come as you are!
9. 9. You may notice that you become less reactive to situations.
10. 10. Many of these practices require you to be completely present, which can improve your memory and emotional health.
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