looking back and reaching forward

For me, 2017 was a year of ups, downs, and everything in between. Did I reach the goals that I set at the beginning of 2017? No, and that’s okay.
I had the pleasure of entering a beauty pageant for blind women, which was way out of my comfort zone. However, by taking that chance, I gave myself the opportunity to expand my social circle, increase my confidence, and have some fun all at the same time. I made a new friend who lived in the same small town as me for years, but I was too shy to get to know people.
Also, I pushed past some of my insecurities and increased my online presence. I gained clarity around what I wanted in my life and my business.
Also, I released a lot of stuck emotions that were holding me back. No, I did not reach my goals in 2017, but I built some really strong foundations that will help me to reach my goals in 2018.
If you didn’t reach your 2017 goals and intentions, have compassion for yourself. Perhaps you needed to accomplish some things before you could achieve your goals. Maybe those goals and intentions weren’t meant for you in the first place because you were meant to receive something even better. Either way, here’s to an amazing and blessed 2018!


why self-love is a gift from God

What does it really mean to have a healthy sense of self-love? It requires us to give ourselves a break when we make mistakes. After, mistakes are simply opportunities for learning and growth.
When we love and value ourselves, we are more likely to follow our hearts instead of our endless lists of fears, excuses, and self-doubt. When we learn to love ourselves more, we stop taking action from a place of obligation.
Lastly, when we become more loving and compassionate toward ourselves, it becomes easier to see the divinity in everything. We become happier and more peaceful. How can you love and value yourself even more today than you did yesterday?

Compassion Isn’t Just for Everyone Else

If you’re anything like me, there are times that you have an unlimited amount of compassion for everyone else but you. If I don’t practice having compassion for myself, I tend to absorb the energy of others very quickly. As a result, I can become overwhelmed. Sound familiar? If so, you can definitely benefit from being gentle with yourself. For example, if someone seems to be directing their anger in your direction, it does not mean that you are a bad person. In fact, the other person’s anger probably had very little, if anything, to do with you.
It’s time to give yourself a break. Stop focusing on everything that you’re doing wrong, and praise yourself for all that you’ve done well. If you make a mistake, focus on the lessons that showed up for you, and then move on. Although it can be hard to believe at times, there is nothing that can diminish our worth. Each day, make the decision to show yourself some compassion. You deserve it!

the art of disengaging

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably spent your entire life trying to prove yourself and please others. If you’ve been engaging in these behaviors for years, you’ve probably learned that people-pleasing and seeking approval from others can be a major energy drain. They are also wasting your time.
How can you turn things around so that you have the time and energy to live the amazing, fulfilling, and divine life that you deserve?
While you can’t please everyone or receive unconditional approval from everyone in your life, you can make the decision to approve of yourself. You can decide to please yourself. Sometimes, this means saying no to the demands of others. It means that you need to disengage from their drama and negativity. However, the trick is to disengage from others’ drama and negativity without feeling guilty. If you make the decision to disengage from the demands, drama, and negativity of others without releasing any associated guilt, the cycle begins again.
It requires a courageous act of self-love and self-acceptance. Remember that you deserve to put yourself first, and you are only responsible for your own happiness. Happy disengaging, and congratulations on taking this courageous step in your life!

Unhappiness as a Message

For many years, I suffered from recurring bouts of severe depression. Even when I seemed to recover, I wasn’t happy. Sure, I would go about my day with a smile on my face, but that was for everyone else’s benefit.
Whenever someone was able to see through my smile, they asked why I was unhappy. I could have pointed to several things in my life which led to my unhappiness, but dealing with those things was only a temporary fix. During my third or fourth year of college, I woke up one morning with that familiar feeling. I was experiencing the same profound sadness that I had been experiencing for years. I remember feeling frustrated because there was no reason for me to feel that way. I had an amazing internship, I had improved my grades, and I had a close group of friends.
I asked myself why I was still so sad. However, I didn’t expect an answer. However, I received the following message from Spirit:The reason you are still so unhappy is due to a lack of self-love and inability to forgive yourself.
After I got over my shock, I figured that I’d better get to work.
However, even after doing some work on forgiveness and self-love, I still felt unhappy. After graduating from college, I received another strong message: Unhappiness is caused by an embalance in one or more areas of your life.
While I would not wish profound sadness on anyone, I would encourage you to see your unhappiness as a message. What area of your life feels out of balance? If you have more than one answer to that question, which of those things is the least overwhelming? After asking yourself those questions, take action accordingly. If you are experiencing depression, however, it may be helpful to seek professional medical advice.
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