how to take inspired action

In both the spiritual and self-help communities, we are encouraged to take inspired action. What does that really mean, and how, exactly, are we supposed to do that? Where does this inspiration even come from?
For example, when I began this blog, I researched topics and added a few of my insights along the way. In other words, I was taking action, but I was not writing from the heart. This is where our inspiration comes from. True inspiration can also come from our spirit guides, angels, or any other source that connects you to the divine.
If you want to know whether your desire to take action on something in your life is coming from a place of inspiration, ask yourself this question. Is this coming from a place of love, or is it coming from a place of fear, guilt, or obligation?


how silence can be a message

How would you react if you tuned into your intuition and there was complete silence? Would you be annoyed, or would you just accept it?
When I connect with Spirit, sometimes I do so in order to ask for clarity and guidance. One evening, I asked my guides a question.
However, I did not receive an answer, or at least that’s what my monkey mind led me to believe.However, the silence was actually a message about being present and taking time to quiet the mind chatter.
If I had allowed myself to become frustrated at the supposed lack of a response from Spirit, I would have missed the message altogether.

connecting with your loved ones without a medium

I have been asked if a medium is needed to communicate with the spirit world. Actually, the spirit world is always trying to communicate with us. After all, mediums did not invent spirit communication.

Clients have told me that they feel the presence of their guides and loved ones around them. These people were concerned that they were imagining these experiences. If you have ever wondered the same thing, you’re definitely not alone. Prior to working as a medium, there were times when I believed that I was going crazy. However, now I know that my guides and loved ones were trying to get my attention.
They may also try to get our attention in dreams, knocking sounds, light touches, and even music. There was a period of time when I woke up every morning with a song stuck in my head. After looking up the song lyrics, I found that they contained the exact guidance and encouragement that I needed.
You can even communicate with them in return. You can communicate with them out loud or in your mind. It may be helpful to have a photograph or object that belonged to them nearby. As you can see, there or several ways to communicate with your loved ones with or without a medium.
Happy Haloween, and please know that your loved ones are around you.

What happens when we don’t listen to our spirit guides?

I used to worry that my spirit guides would abandon me or become angry if I did not follow their guidance. However, I have found that this is not the case. If I don’t get the message the first time, they will patiently continue to send me the same message through various means until I act on it. If I still insist on ignoring their guidance, my guides will allow me to follow my own path while still trying to encourage me to follow their guidance. If I still insist on ignoring the guidance, the worst thing that happens is that I learn some difficult life lessons. Even after that, my guides won’t be offended or frustrated as many of us might when others don’t take our advice.
Instead, they’ll ask me what I learned from that experience, and they will help me to get back on track. One of the things I’ve learned from being a psychic medium is that Spirit will always have your ack. They do not judge us as we judge ourselves, so please reach out to these heavenly helpers.

your spirit guides

Most of us have people who act as teachers, friends, counselors, or mentors in our lives. Whether you can identify such people in your own life or not, rest assured that you have such help available to you in the spirit world. These helpful beings are called spirit guides, and I believe that everyone has at least one.

Our spirit guides made an agreement to work with us before we were even born. Since they have incarnated into human bodies before, they know that life outside of the spirit world is a challenging one. However, while it is their sincere intention to help us, they will allow us to make our own decisions and mistakes. I believe that they want us to learn our own lessons so that we can experience the peace and joy that are freely available to all of us.

Our guides can help us with everything from developing our psychic abilities to dealing with challenging relationships. Our guides can also help us when we are feeling down. Most of all, they are there to counsel, comfort, and teach us from their higher perspective.

You do not have to be a medium to connect with your guides. They can communicate with us through our intuition, dreams, meditation, synchronicities, and songs on the radio. Spirits never cease to amaze me! They never seem to run out of creative ways to communicate with us. Spirits can hear our thoughts, so you can easily begin to communicate with your guides. Start by taking long, slow, deep breaths while quieting your mind. Then, simply ask them a question. Speak to them as formally or informally as you wish. Please remember that these are your friends and mentors, and treat them with respect. Even if you don’t receive an answer to your question right away, thank them for their assistance. Then, pay attention to any dreams, intuitive feelings, or symbols that repeat themselves. You may wish to write down your experiences.

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