Too busy for a long meditation? Try this instead.

I received this meditation from my spiritual team, and it has become part of my morning routine ever since. It takes less than five minutes, but I’ve learned that short meditations can be very affective.
Sit or stand as straight as you can, and take several deep breaths until you feel centered. When you are ready, tune into your heart center where you will encounter your soul. Take some time to notice the qualities of your soul. At this point, you can ask your soul for a message, or you can simply send gratitude to that divine part of yourself. Now, you can return to your day feeling empowered and centered.
This meditation can also be helpful in those moments when we feel as though we are lacking confidence, inner strength, wisdom, or compassion for ourselves.


connecting with your loved ones without a medium

I have been asked if a medium is needed to communicate with the spirit world. Actually, the spirit world is always trying to communicate with us. After all, mediums did not invent spirit communication.

Clients have told me that they feel the presence of their guides and loved ones around them. These people were concerned that they were imagining these experiences. If you have ever wondered the same thing, you’re definitely not alone. Prior to working as a medium, there were times when I believed that I was going crazy. However, now I know that my guides and loved ones were trying to get my attention.
They may also try to get our attention in dreams, knocking sounds, light touches, and even music. There was a period of time when I woke up every morning with a song stuck in my head. After looking up the song lyrics, I found that they contained the exact guidance and encouragement that I needed.
You can even communicate with them in return. You can communicate with them out loud or in your mind. It may be helpful to have a photograph or object that belonged to them nearby. As you can see, there or several ways to communicate with your loved ones with or without a medium.
Happy Haloween, and please know that your loved ones are around you.

why mediums sometimes get it wrong

Happy Friday! This week, I’m going to explain why mediums sometimes get it wrong.
First and foremost, we’re human. If we never made mistakes and had nothing more to learn, we would most likely be hanging out in the spirit world eating bonbons. Another reason that we get it wrong has to do with misinterpreting messages from the spirit world. Basically, any time that we slip into our analytical left brain, we risk misunderstanding messages from someone’s deceased loved ones.

Also, sometimes we just have “off” days like everyone else. It could be that we’re tired, not feeling too confident, or maybe there’s something else that is affecting the energy in the room.
Yes, I realize that psychics and mediums are held to high standards, but I also realize that I’m only human.
If you’d still like to work with me after reading my shocking confession that I’m not perfect, I’d be honored! I can be contacted through my yelp page or I’ll see you there!